Past Projects

Niall Cain has had the good fortune to have worked with several renowned architecture firms over the years, from Mitchell/Giurgola Architects in New York City, Kallmann McKinnell and Wood Architects in Boston and returning to NYS to work at Margaret Helfand Architecture back in NYC spanning from 1987 to 2004.

Here we feature four award winning projects that where Niall Cain served as Project Architect/ Design Associate.

Helfand Myerberg Guggenheimer Architects
Automated Trading Desk
 Technology Campus
Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

This headquarters for a high-tech financial research and investment company outside of Charleston South Carolina is nestled in a 23 acre site of interconnecting ponds and historical live oaks.While distinctly contemporary in terms of form and detailing, the buildings deep overhangs, porches and sustainable materials relate to the rich vernacular architecture of the surrounding low-country architecture. ATD’s founder and chairman has credited the building with increasing their visibility and business opportunities within the financial community. The building has been published numerous times and has received several distinguished awards from the architectural community.

Kallmann McKinnell and Wood Architects
Cleveland Federal Courthouse
Cleveland, Ohio

Federal Courthouse developed by the General Services Administration for Federal Court District 7. Role: Project Manager/ Senior Designer Developed both the interior and exterior design and detailing with Michael McKinnell. Coordinated and supervised construction drawing development with associate architect. Schematic design through construction supervision. Size: 23 Floors, 750,000 square feet Cost: 250 million Completed: Fall 2001 
Awards: Chicago Anaetheum Architecture Award 2003

Kallmann McKinnell and Wood Architects
West Office Building
Boston, Massachusetts

Speculative office building in South Boston developed by Fidelity Investments/ Pembroke Real Estate. The design is characterized by a large overhanging cornice and various windscreen devices to mitigate the high winds that are prevalent at the harbor. 
Role: Project Architect for exterior design and detailing. Developed the exterior skin design and detailing and designed the cornice and sculptural wind screens under Michael McKinnell FAIA.

Size: 18 Floors; 450,000 square feet 
Cost: 150 million

Mitchell Giurgola Architects
North Cove Link Park
Battery Park, Manhattan

The park is characterized by a battered serpentine granite wall and two striking stainless steel pylons by noted sculptor Martin Puryear. 
Role: Project Architect Developed design, completed all project documentation, schematic design through construction documents and supervised construction. Produced construction drawings for sculptural pylons designed by Martin Puryear. Cost: 10 million Completed: 1995 Awards: AIA Honor 
Award, Urban Design, 1996 Publications: Architecture, August 1995